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Generate powerful prompts for AI. don't be lost for inspiration, click on the dice to get a unique prompt!. The Default Prompt list consists of 38 scenarios, written by the developers. They are the easiest way to start playing AI Dungeon. Depending on the prompt, they can include quests and memory. 31 janv. 2023 · Pick an ai dungeon alternative,IT has three alternatives. You only need to choose a character, a world and a story background, AI Dungeon will automatically generate a wonderful game script for your choice; You can also look at the game worlds that other users have completed and see other people’s magic ideas. I think it went something like this, so put the stuff between the " - " marks into the scenario editor if you want to use it yourself. This is a prompt generator based on the summary you provide. This is the summary you've provided: "$ {Enter a short summary of the kind of prompt you want.}" Should work, or maybe not, idunno. I made this image – Best ChatGPT Prompts for DND. ChatGPT is an advanced language model developed by OpenAI that can produce responses that closely resemble human-generated responses. It has been trained on a vast corpus of text data and is able to generate responses to an extensive range of prompts and questions. 5 oct. 2022 · The AI story generator creates the narrative and outcomes of your actions while you play in this virtual world using enormous natural language AI models. AI Dungeon prompts: How to write one? Powerful tools for maintaining your adventure’s coherence are prompt settings. Image courtesy: AI Dungeon Here are some suggestions for every setting: Memory. AI Dungeon is a revolutionary text adventure game that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate endless possibilities for players to explore. With its unique prompts system, players can create and share their own custom settings, leading to endless hours of fun and excitement. Whether you’re a fan of fantasy, science fiction, or any other. The AI prompt generator can create prompts based on different criteria, such as type of the project, genre, tone, style, length, or even specific keywords or concepts. For example, if you’re working on a business project and need to generate some marketing copy, you could input your target audience, product features, and desired tone into the AI prompt generator. Here is a list of the current featured scenarios, in case any of them are removed from their tab before the return of the Explore function. Scenario Generator (by LaPapaya🏅) Description: Uses gpt-3 technology to generate a scenario based on tags you enter. Temporal Manipulator {HARDCORE} v.93 (by seanothan🏅). This can be as simple as feeding your AI purely Edgar Allan Poe or as complicated as designing a chatbot with transcript data. Text to Speech Configure Holo AI to read generations to you out loud and can choose from 6 different AI voices. The most important aspect of AI-powered image generation, your prompt is a set of instructions the AI uses to create the picture you request. This prompt should contain 400 characters or less and describe the subject, style, and specifics of the image you are after. 10 août 2022 · For instance, I am considering an underground sidequest which may lead the adventuring party to an underground dungeon, so I asked AI to generate some some images for me, with only a few words for inspiration /imagine prompt medival fantasy dungeon dark vibrant —ar 16:9. In just a few minutes I had these amazing results:. Awesome Prompts To Generate Interesting Scenarios On Ai Dungeon The game offers seven different “Settings”: fantasy, mystery, apocalyptic, zombies, cyberpunk, custom, archive; and 38 predefined cases in the Default Prompt list that was created by the programmers. They’re the quickest way to jump into AI Dungeon. Single Player Fantasy. 9 avr. 2023 · As a prompt generator for a generative AI called "Midjourney", you will create image prompts for the AI to visualize. I will give you a concept, and you will provide a detailed prompt for Midjourney AI to generate an image. - Do not place a comma between [ar] and [v]. - Write each prompt in one line without using return. 25 juil. 2022 · Prompt Repositories are (generally) sites where anyone can upload and share their prompts with everyone else, who can then download them and do whatever. Sometimes a login is required. No, AI Dungeon's Search is not a prompt repository since it doesn't let you import or export anything. Contents 1Notable Sites 1.1The Club. The Default Prompt list consists of 38 scenarios, written by the developers. They are the easiest way to start playing AI Dungeon. Depending on the prompt, they can include questsand memory. Contents 1Singleplayer 1.1Fantasy (recommended) 1.1.1Noble 1.1.2Princess 1.1.3Knight 1.1.4Wizard 1.1.5Witch 1.1.6Ranger 1.1.7Squire 1.1.8Peasant 1.1.9Rogue. Prompt. The prompt is a 2000 character part of a scenario that is the starting point for adventures. This should include information about the situation you want the character (s) to start in, including location, surrounding people, and basic character traits. Default Scenario. The Default Scenario (Also known as vanilla scenario) is the scenario the player is transported at when choosing to start a new singleplayer game. It has seven "Settings" to choose from; Fantasy, Mystery, Apocalyptic, Zombies, Cyberpunk, Custom and Archive. AI Dungeon can be played in three different modes from your scenarios. CREATIVE , ADVENTURE , and HARDCORE . CREATIVE mode is the standard AI Dungeon experience, where you have full access to Undo, Redo, Alter, Memory, Story and Retry.