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R/WaifuDiffusion Rules 1. No Under Age NSFW Content! (Including Loli and Shota) 2. No Deep Fakes involving NSFW Content! 3. Flag Your NSFW Posts! Moderators Moderator list hidden. Learn More User Agreement Privacy policy Content policy Reddit, Inc. © 2023. All rights reserved. This is a realistic/semi-realistic NSFW model list + hentai/anime NSFW model list for Stable Diffusion. You can jump straight to the Anime/Hentai section . However, many models aim for “in-between” anime and realistic, and I’ve put these into the realistic section. Regarder Waifu Hentai vidéo porno gratuites, ici sur Pornhub.com. Découvrez notre grande collection en haute qualité Pertinence films XXX et videos. Aucune autres plateforme est plus populaire et varié Waifu Hentai que Pornhub! Naviguez à travers notre impressionnante collection de vidéos pornos en qualité HD sur tout vos appareils. Waifu - Despite the name of the ai, doesn't seem to change much style wise. Key Visual - strong influence - A detailed anime style while keeping the anime characteristics or big eyes, etc. Hentai - mild/strong influence - This prompt varies between realistic and anime style depending on other prompts and will also obviously make the. The best NSFW and porn prompts for Stable Diffusion, DALL-E or Midjourney. Find prompts of waifus, nude girls, hentai, loli and big boobs. Search by model Stable Diffusion Midjourney DALL-E ChatGPT Trending NSFW artists Dallas59 Rachey13x PRO javierjrueda PRO socc22 PRO All models Stable Diffusion Midjourney Openjourney DALL-E ChatGPT. The original stable diffusion model. Trained on a large subset of the LAION-5B dataset. general. Download sd-v1-4.ckpt. Other versions. Waifu Diffusion v1.3 harubaru. Modified stable diffusion model that has been conditioned on high-quality anime images through fine-tuning. anime. Download wd-v1-3-float16.ckpt. Waifu Diffusion Trained on Danbooru, slightly NSFW. v1.3 Trained on 600,000 high-resolution Danbooru images for 10 Epochs. The float16 version is smaller than the float32 (2GB vs 4GB). Always use float16 (unless your GPU doesn't support it) since it uses less disk space and RAM. float16 Torrent. Random Waifu Generator - GitHub Pages generate. 29 sept. 2022 · ChromedSets (Stable Diffusion + Waifu Model) Retweeted. Ris. @vinsong · Jan 1. 바니걸 이미지를 뽑아 내는 중에 손/발 오류가 많아 해당 모델에 대한 재분석 중입니다. 대략 1/5 정도의 수율이 나오는. Mage: Free, Fast, Unfiltered Stable Diffusion. Generate Anything You Can Imagine. Yes Anything! Using state-of-the-art A.I., effortlessly generate images no one has ever seen.