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A comparison of 35 photorealistic NSFW models. Prompts and settings for each set are in the imgur descriptions. I tried to keep the positive prompts fairly limited (. 14 avr. 2023 · StabilityAI released the first public checkpoint model, Stable Diffusion v1.4, in August 2022. In the coming months, they continued to release v1.5, v2.0 & v2.1. Soon after these models were released, users started to train their own custom models (AKA fine-tunes) on top of the base models. Civitai is a platform for Stable Diffusion AI Art models. Browse a collection of thousands of models from a growing number of creators. Join an engaged community in reviewing models and sharing images with prompts to get you started. Explore and run machine learning code with Kaggle Notebooks | Using data from No attached data sources. On October 7th, NovelAI's server were hacked by some guy from 4chan. He stole their Stable Diffusion and GPT models. No user information/PII. Part 1. 55GB and contains the main models used by NovelAI, located in the stableckpt folder. I suggest using your torrent client to download exactly what you want or using this script. Browse nsfw Stable Diffusion models, checkpoints, hypernetworks, textual inversions, embeddings, Aesthetic Gradients, and LORAs. V2-1_768-nonema-pruned.safetensors (Stable Diffusion 2.1) visiongenRealism_visiongenV10.safetensors woopwoopPhoto_12.safetensors protogenX53Photorealism_10.safetensors (added per suggestion) If you know of any other NSFW photo models that I don't already have in my collection, please let me know and I'll run those too. Ar4ikov/gpt2-650k-stable-diffusion-prompt-generator. Updated Mar 22 • 1.76k • 19 rinna/japanese-stable-diffusion • Updated 10 days ago • 1.72k • 156. 23 déc. 2022 · S tability AI released Stable Diffusion 2.1 a few days ago. This is a minor follow-up on version 2.0, which received some minor criticisms from users, particularly on the generation of human. What prompts should I use for nsfw images? That depends entirely on the model you're using. Some models you have to fight not to make porn, others won't make it no matter what you do. Go look on, find a porn model, and look at their recommended prompts. How do you find the recommended prompts on Civitai?. Stable Diffusion v1.5. The main model is v1-5-pruned-emaonly.ckpt, meaning it only has EMA weights. Waifu Diffusion. Trained on Danbooru, slightly NSFW. v1.3. Trained on 600,000 high-resolution Danbooru images for 10 Epochs. The float16 version is sma. Modified stable diffusion model that has been conditioned on high-quality anime images through fine-tuning. anime Download wd-v1-3-float16.ckpt Other versions Trinard Stable Diffusion v2 naclbbr A SD model finetuned by about 30,000 assorted high resolution manga/anime-style pictures for 3.5 epochs. 30 nov. 2022 · The Stable Diffusion image generation models will produce sexual imagery if deliberately prompted, and will occasionally produce such images when this is not intended. Such images are colloquially known as "Not Safe for Work" (NSFW). This behavior is due to the nature of the training set that Stable Diffusion was trained on, which culled millions of "aesthetic" images from the Internet. Stable Diffusion v1.5 Base model excellent for art and NSFW Base Art Inpainting NSFW runwayml/stable-diffusion-v1-5 Learn More Login To Mage view examples Stable Diffusion v2.1 Base model excellent for photorealism Base Photorealism stabilityai/stable-diffusion-2-1-base Learn More Upgrade to Pro view examples Analog. The original stable diffusion model. Trained on a large subset of the LAION-5B dataset. Modified stable diffusion model that has been conditioned on high-quality anime images through fine-tuning. A SD model finetuned by about 30,000 assorted high resolution manga/anime-style pictures for 3.5 epochs. This is the same model running on Twitter bot. Photorealistic models comparison. Many of these models do closeup portraits well, but don't look photoreal for other subjects or angles. Also, many of these models do great with a fairly short and generic prompt, but when you add a bunch of detail to the prompt it's ignored or looses the photoreal effect. Unstable-diffusion in particular is. 2 févr. 2023 · A comparison of 35 photorealistic NSFW models Submitted January 30, 2023 at 07:34AM by mr_gunidex via reddit. A comparison of 35 photorealistic NSFW models. imgur. 84. 5. jiggly_ow • 22 hr. ago. NSFW. 14 avr. 2023 · The 10 Best Stable Diffusion Models by Popularity (SD Models Explained) by. Yubin. on. 14 Apr, 2023. updated. 15 May, 2023. No Comments. You can think of Stable Diffusion checkpoint models like a giant databases of numbers; these numbers encode descriptions that tell the generator how to produce images. In this video, we've taken the top 10 stable diffusion models that have been the most popular in the last month, on the Hugging Face website. This without taking into account the standard. Top 10 Stable Diffusion Models Realistic Vision DreamShaper AbyssOrangeMix3 (AOM3) Anything V3 MeinaMix Deliberate Elldreths Retro Mix Protogen OpenJourney Modelshoot What is a Stable Diffusion Model? To explain it simply, Stable Diffusion models allow you to take control over the style of your image generations. Hi everyone, I've been using Stable Diffusion to generate images of people and cityscapes, but I haven't been keeping up to date with the latest models and add-ons. I'm looking for recommendations on the best models and checkpoints to use with the nmkd UI of Stable Diffusion, as well as suggestions on how to structure my text inputs. 1 déc. 2022 · In this article, I've curated some of my favorite custom Stable Diffusion models that are fine-tuned on different datasets to achieve certain styles easier and reproduce them better. Openjourney. Openjourney is a fine-tuned Stable Diffusion model that tries to mimic the style of Midjourney. R/sdnsfw: This sub is for all those who want to enjoy the new freedom that AI offers us to the fullest and without censorship.