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2 oct. 2022 · Activate N100 for 500MB and More, Airtel Social Bundle Plan. airtel social bundle plan code, airtel Social bundle cheat, airtel social bundle for Facebook and whatsapp, airtel social bundle to power all apps. 2 oct. 2022 · We are so delighted to announce that Airtel 500mb data cheat has been revived once again and working better. You know there’s a slight difference between this Airtel 500mb data cheat, this is not an absolute free browsing cheat for Airtel users only, why I said it’s not an absolute free browsing cheat is. 25 juin 2015 · This cheat has been tested and it is working fine.Just make sure you load a recharge card of 100naira then dial 8853#.. you will be credited with 500mb data on your airtel sim.. dial*885*0# to check the is valid for one week valid for 1week. 26 févr. 2023 · Not quite hard to get this done you just need to dial some Code to activate the airtel 500MB social plan for N100. Dial the code *141*104# to subscribe for the airtel 500MB social plan. But make sure you have an airtime amount of N100 on your airtel line before you can get this done. 23 oct. 2020 · ~ Get your airtel Nigeria sim card on your android smartphone ~ Recharge your airtel with atleast N100 then Subscribe to the airtel special whatsapp plan by dialing *141*104# ~ Select 2 and proceed, if you are eligible you will receive 500mb data, as shown on the screenshot below. 8 juil. 2021 · HOW TO BUY THE AIRTEL 500MB FOR 100 NAIRA SOCIAL BUNDLE 1. Open your phone dialer. 2. Simply dial *141*104#. [ direct code for the Airtel social bundle ]. #NOTE : It is sim selective. You can dial the same code to see if you qualify. REQUIREMENTS TO BROWSE WITH THE AIRTEL 500MB FOR 100 NAIRA SOCIAL BUNDLE 1. An active Airtel sim card. 2. 2 oct. 2022 · All Social Monthly = N100 for 500MB dial *141*104# . Click To Join NairaTechs On Telegram 6. All Social Monthly = N300 for N700MB dial *141*4*1#. #SEE : HOW TO USE AIRTEL SOCIAL DATA PLAN TO BROWSE, DOWNLOAD AND STREAM (POWER ALL APPS) HOW TO CHECK AIRTEL SOCIAL BUNDLE DATA BALANCE To simply check your available Airtel Social Bundle Data Plan. 25 oct. 2022 · The following options will be available to you when you dial this Airtel night browsing code: ; 1. Migrate your business. 2. N500 for 1 GB of data 3. Night Browsing (N25 for a 250MB allowance). Valid from 12am till 5am) If you are not already a customer of airtel SmartTRYBE, you must migrate to it using the first option available. 26 févr. 2023 · Click on it and select Import file. Locate the config file that you just download from our site. Import the config file, after that go back to the Http injector main menu bar. Then click on connect. Note: you must first subscribe to the Airtel 500mb For 100 Naira Social bundle plan before you will try to run the configuration on the VPN and. 13 août 2021 · Share This Post Good day fellas, one of my group members just disclosed that he just tried out an absolute new tunneling VPN that allows Airtel users to use 500mb everyday which is what we are going to be talking about and how to set this up in this article. 23 oct. 2020 · Note that we have The Latest Airtel 500MB free Browsing Cheat 2020 on Edoztunnel VPN with different servers and settings doesn’t expire, so you don’t have to worry about updatin g files anymore, Click here to view details and how to use it. ~ Launch your Http Injector. ~ Click on a folder like a box, near the gear icon,. 25 oct. 2022 · AIRTEL Night Plan Code: Get 500MB for N50, 100 for 1GB October 27, 2022October 25, 2022by Admin AIRTEL Night Plan Code Is it possible that you have an Airtel SIM, that you wish to stay up for night browsing, and that you’ve come to this page to receive the code for the night plan? You’ve arrived to the correct location. 26 févr. 2023 · Airtel Social Bundle plan (500MB For 100 Naira) Dial this code to activate your airtel line to the plan *141*104# . Http Injector App Click here to get one Http injector config file click here to download or here for the direct download link. DOWNLOAD AIRTEL SOCIAL CONFIG FILE Android phone or device. Strong 3G or 4G network. 29 avr. 2022 · ANONYTUN SETTINGS FOR AIRTEL 500MB CHEAT Launch the VPN and tap STEALTH SETTINGS After that, >Toggle Stealth Tunnel ON/OFF Tap Connection Protocol > select > SSL Set Connection Port as > 443 After this navigate to > Advanced SSL Settings > Toggle it ON And tap Edit SSL Settings Tick > Spoof SNI Host Tick > Spoof Host:Port. 26 avr. 2020 · AIRTEL 500MB FOR 100 PLAN FEATURES AND LIMITATIONS VALIDITY: This plan is valid for 30days {a month} LIMITATION: This data package is used on for whatsapp { support video call and voice call} and Facebook {can be used to watch facebook videos ACCUMULATION: This plan can be accumulated up to 4 times {tested personally by me}. 26 févr. 2023 · How To Activate Airtel Social Bundle 500MB For N100 Airtel Social Plan. Not quite hard to get this done you just need to dial some Code to activate the airtel 500MB social plan for N100. Dial the code *141*104# to subscribe for the airtel 500MB social plan. 15 févr. 2022 · Here is another social bundle from Airtel made to keep you online on all social media platforms for as long as 7 days (1 week) at a very affordable rate of N100 for 200MB. To activate this plan, Dial *688*3# All Social Monthly Bundle. This particular bundle gives you access to all social media platforms at a very cheap rate of N300. 16 mai 2023 · How to Activate the Code for Airtel 100 for 500MB. To activate the Airtel 100 Naira for 500MB data plan, follow these simple steps: Open your phone’s dialer app; Dial *141*242# Choose option 2 – 250MB for N100; Subscribe to the data plan; Repeat the subscription process to get the full 500MB. 9 mai 2023 · Affordable Airtel Social Bundle code and data plans for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and more! Activate Airtel social bundle codes for 50, 100, or 300 Naira and stay connected on social media without breaking the bank. Check your data balance and stay connected with Airtel!. 27 avr. 2020 · Well Airtel has added a new plan to her list of social bundles which offers 500MB data for just N100. Airtel Social Bundle is a plan to help subscribers keep in touch with their loved ones on social media platform like WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook during this coronavirus pandemic and lockdown period. 14 août 2021 · REQUIREMENTS FOR NEW AIRTEL 500MB FREE BROWSING CHEAT Click To Join NairaTechs On Telegram 1. An android smartphone phone. 2. An active Airtel sim. 3.3G or 4G enabled sim or phone. 4. Ha Tunnel Pro VPN app. [ Download Here]. 5. New Ha Airtel 500mb config file [ Download Below ]. 6. The setup procedures. 13 août 2021 · HOW TO ACTIVATE THE NEW AIRTEL FREE 500MB DAILY BROWSING VIA WT TUNNEL PRO 1. Download and Install the WT Tunnel Pro app. Click To Join NairaTechs On Telegram 2. Open or launch the tunneling app. 3. Click okto accept the terms. 4. Recently added tweaks will be displayed, Click on update , requires less than 1mb data. 5. 2 oct. 2022 · #NOTE : We recommend buying Airtel N100 for 500MB, you can accumulate it to any amount you want. Validity is one month!. FREE BROWSING VPN TO POWER ALL APPS WITH AIRTEL SOCIAL BUNDLE PLAN Like I said earlier, we’ve made provision for just two tunneling VPNs to help Airtel users browse and download with their Airtel Social Bundle Plan. 2 oct. 2022 · Activate N100 for 500MB and More, Airtel Social Bundle Plan. airtel social bundle plan code, airtel Social bundle cheat, airtel social bundle for Facebook and whatsapp, airtel social bundle to power all apps. This particular article is for airtel social bundle plan which have been considered cheap from start and still cheap till now. 18 oct. 2022 · Airtel Unlimited Free Browsing VPN is now available, and the UT Loop Pro application can be used to access the internet for free on the Airtel network. This article covers the Airtel free browsing 2022 settings, which function without a code, on any sim, and without using any airtime or data bundle. Top Up Airtel Online. Worldwide mobile recharge: send credit and data to any phone. Top Up Airtel at Refill send in seconds. Easy, Fast & Reliable!. 30 avr. 2023 · We recently released a post for the list of free Mtn data cheat to surf any website or app for free without buying any data. Today I will share with you the Airtel settings and configuration settings for free surfing on Airtel with 500 MB free data on 0.0k Sim for November 2021 update. 10 mai 2023 · Airtel Free Data Cheat Codes 2023: Enjoy Big Data With Less. Free Airtel 60GB Data For N1500. How To Check If You Are Eligible For Airtel 6GB For N1500 Data Plan. How To Activate Airtel 6GB Data Cheat Code; Enjoy Free Airtel 25GB Data & More Airtel 20GB For N200 Data Cheat Code; Airtel 4.6GB For N200; Airtel Data Cheat Code 2GB. 30 avr. 2023 · The 3G download package, which offers a staggering 1GB of data for only N300, is another cheat code for Airtel 3G. Simply dial the code *141*205# to activate this plan cheat. After dialing, you can now begin using your 1GB of 3G data on Airtel. See Also How To Buy Data on Airtel | Codes For 2023. 17 mars 2023 · Airtel data plan 200 for 1GB [2023 UPDATED] March 17, 2023 by Ibrahim Olamide Airtel data plan 200 for 1GB: This Airtel data plan is not expensive, it will surely serve a lot of purposes if you want to browse the internet a lot. But without wasting much time let me quickly move on to the main topic. USSD Code To Activate the Airtel 100 for 1GB Cheat. To activate the Airtel 1GB for 100 naira, kindly follow the step below using the ussd code. Kindly dial *474*1# on your mobile phone then select the “1GB for N100” option and subscribe it. The airtel streaming data plan is exclusively for streaming videos on Airtel TV, you get to enjoy 500mb of data for just 100 naira for watching series, movies and music on Airtel TV. You can download the Airtel TV app from playstore (android) or appstore (iphone). 16 mai 2023 · The Airtel 500MB for N100 Data Plan. The Airtel 100 Naira for 500MB is a cheap data plan that gives you 500 megabytes of data for only 100 Naira. You can use it anytime during the day, unlike the Airtel night plan. With this data plan, you can download games, movies, and large files, and use social media apps like Facebook, TikTok. 21 sept. 2019 · The Airtel 100 for 500MB data plan can be activated by dialing *141*104# and valid for 30days. Sadly, this plan has been discontinued. Airtel Data Plan Cheat For This Month. While there are other affordable data bundles on the Airtel Network, you can also take part in the available cheats right now. 26 févr. 2023 · Requirements For Airtel 500mb For 100 Naira Social bundle With Http injector VPN. Airtel Social Bundle plan (500MB For 100 Naira) Dial this code to activate your airtel line to the plan *141*104# . Http Injector App Click here to get one. 29 déc. 2022 · To activate any of the data bundle listed above, dial 141# then enter “1” for “my offer“, and enter the number that corresponds to the plan you want to subscribe to. To see more offers in the next page, just enter “” without quotation marks. Normal Airtel Data Plans# This plans are available for existing Airtel subscribers. But Unfortunately airtel suspended it for a reason known to them and now they have offer us a capped data. Note: before you can use this plan, migrate to Airtel Smart Trybe Plan for it to work. How To Migrate To Airtel SmartTrybe Tariff Plan Simply dial*312# then reply with 1 How To Activate Airtel #50 For 1. 5GB and 500MB for #25 First Method. AIRTEL Nigeria has just introduced weekend data bundle capped at 1024mb (1gb) for just #100 only. Note that this plan works only during the weekends (Saturdays and Sunday). That is, you can use the date plan on only weekends. Reason this, you got more time as a student during the weekends. Subscription Codes For Airtel 1gig plan for N100:. 16 mai 2023 · The 1.5GB monthly plan is valid for 30 days and costs N1,000. Dial *141*1000# to get this data for the month. For N1,200, you can get 2GB data valid for 30 days. Dial *141*1200# to secure 2GB data for the month. If you want a data plan for the average user, you can purchase the N1,500 Airtel data plan, which offers a data allowance of 3GB.