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HigherMe - Hiring software for franchise restaurants Hiring software for franchise restaurants Easy-to-use tools that help busy restaurant managers find, select and hire the best fit employees faster. Request a Demo Learn how we make hiring for your restaurant easy Watch Video 2:58 min. 27 oct. 2022 路 How Can I Sign Up with HigherMe? Welcome and welcome back! If you are a NEW CLIENT interested in using HigherMe to find top talent, contact. With paperless onboarding, new hires complete tax forms and sign company documents digitally - no printer, scanner, or fax machine required. Creating a customized employee onboarding solution streamlines your hiring, saves you time, and helps boost employee satisfaction even before their first shift. Plus, with integrated screening tools, you. An applicant tracking system automates posting to job boards, screening applicants, and scheduling interviews. With applicant tracking software, all your job posts are managed in one place, increasing application flow and reducing time to hire. ATS software works on any device, so you can review your recruiting activity from anywhere. Benefits. 1. Set up Customize your onboarding documents requirements to fit your company needs. 2. Start onboarding 3. Review and keep track Benefits Reduce time to hire Your business needs a new employee now, not next week. With a digital onboarding system, you'll be able to automate manual processes and hire a new employee in as little as 72 hours. 13 avr. 2023 路 With HigherMe, onboarding is paperless and easy to manage! 馃帀 HigherMe provides the I9, W4, and state tax documents, while the employer provides the company documents such as the employee handbook, policies, and procedures that need to be signed at the time of onboarding. 4 mai 2023 路 Your Account Creating your account You don't need a password to apply to your first job on HigherMe, but you'll need one to view your applicat Ir猫ne May 10, 2023 Updating your profile You can update your contact info, experience, skills, availability, and preferences at any time! First, l Ir猫ne May 4, 2023 Updating your password. 13 d茅c. 2022 路 A job can be posted in 4 easy steps! LET'S BEGIN: LOGGING IN 1. To access the HigherMe Platform, enter your email address and password LANGUAGE PREFERENCES 1. Easily toggle your language preferences found in the top right corner JOBS: The below is the fastest way to post jobs for your Restaurant. Get a five minute demo to see how HigherMe software helps businesses find, screen, interview, and onboard employees Need a job? Click here to apply now. 67% 7 hours $3,600 saved per hire decrease in interview no-shows savings per year per location Tools and technology to help businesses hire 70,000+ hourly workers Job Board Integrations. 19 sept. 2017 路 HigherMe makes it easy to find, screen, interview, and onboard employees from anywhere on any device. Reduce your time and cost of hiring with tools and technology to quickly review applicants, schedule interviews, manage all your job board posts, and complete new employee paperwork.