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2 juin 2022 · Glue Library, extends Garry`s mod Lua functionality and provides support for other addons. I do not take credit from this addon as I am reuploading it, due to the original owners' account being hijacked some how and updating the addon replacing everything to malicious content such as pornography. If you have Glue Library uninstall it because the creator got hacked and the troll put this in. So basically, there were these popular addons on the gmod workshop called: Glue Library, View Extension (Firstperson and Thirdperson), Ambient Occlusion and Action Extension (they are now known as the cursed 4,) and on june 3rd of this year they got an update which caused an nsfl image of a man spreading his asshole so wide that you. 2 juin 2022 · Subscribe to download[UNINFECTED] Glue Library. Subscribe to download. [UNINFECTED] Glue Library. GOATSE-FREE!!! Found an old version and decided to reupload. If in doubt, just check my other submissions! Other addons coming soon! Dude, we know. I dunno. Action Extension, View Extension [ Thirdperson & Firstperson ], Glue Library and Ambient Occlusion, As far as I know, only the creator of these addons was hacked. DogeBeLike69 • 9 mo. ago. 7 oct. 2020 · Glue is an area-of-effect version of weld that operates with a single click instead of multiple clicks like normal weld or smartweld. Use it to quickly connect small to medium-sized groups of entities that would have otherwise taken longer to constrain using conventional methods. 3 juin 2022 · If you're wanting to make sure your game is "goatse" free, you should probably delete "Glue Library", "Action Extension", "View Extension", and "Ambient Occlusion" addons and look for alternatives. AtlasUI is a user interface framework that offers pre-made UI elements, unit testing, and utility functions for building efficient and effective glua addons. It also includes an object-relational mapping (ORM) tool for easy data management. lua gmod glua gmod-lua lau gmod-addon glua-library laux. Updated on Mar 10. 7 juin 2022 · Just remove those addons by those creators. They are easily seeable in the addons thing in gmod because their images are grey squares as they were banned. This has already blown over and the rogue developers are gone. YouTube™ Video: Garry's Mod Addon Creator Banned, Then Spreads Goatse Views: 596,108. 28 juin 2022 · the glue library guy didn't get hacked he got mad because he couldn't be paid for his addons. the guy never even realized he could just take requests and get paid for that. well its what i heard about him but still he wasn't hacked. #14 ZeroSorrow™ Jun 28, 2022 @ 4:22pm gbombs had a backdoor from what i hear banned a while ago #15 < 1 2 >. 3 juin 2022 · a compromised addon in actionuncensored version here, if you dare: 3 juin 2022 · IMPORTANT PSA: on gmod right now, a popular addon creator lost his goddamn mind and has altered all of his addons to add a jumpscare of goatse when you open the game. i am not fucking joking, delete any "GlueLibrary" addon you have immediately 1:57 PM · Jun 3, 2022 7,358 Retweets 1,329 Quote Tweets 51.6K Likes T9 @Thafnine · Jun 3, 2022. Garrys-mod Star Garry's Mod (often abbreviated as GMod) is a sandbox game developed by Facepunch Studios and published by Valve. The game has a rich Lua scripting API which allows for a wide range of game mods and conversions. Here are 341 public repositories matching this topic Language: All Sort: Most stars WilliamVenner / gmpublisher. Basically, stay away from GMOD until it's safe from, it---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. 2 juin 2022 · i dont know if i have any #gmodplayers who follow me but if you have the glue library/ambient occlusion/view extension addons installed. Author's account got hacked like 3 hours ago and the addons show a goatsee and play earrape 9:41 PM · Jun 2, 2022·Twitter Web App 4 Retweets 15 Likes N- @NDXDirectorsCut Jun 2 Replying to @NDXDirectorsCut. 3 juin 2022 · The dude who made the glue library addon was pissed at Steam, Valve, and Gaben for a previous ban and decided to to mess with the previously mentioned addon to play a screamer/ear-rape and an image as a childish "fuck you" to the employees at Valve, Gaben, and the Steam community as a whole. If you have Glue Library uninstall it because the creator got hacked and the troll put this in 37 bluetooo55 • 1 yr. ago thank you! 13 1BrainCellLeft • 1 yr. ago glad to help (im traumatized) 7 terraria87 • 1 yr. ago the creator lost their fucking mind and they did this on purpose. Glue Library Mod Gmod. ANYONE WHO PLAYS GMOD UNINSTALL ALL YOUR MODS AND DONT PLAY THE GAME FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE. THIS IS NOT A JOKE, MANY POPULAR MODS HAVE BEEN INFECTED WITH A VIRUS THAT DISPLAYS GORE AND PORN WHEN YOU OPEN THE GAME. JUST UNINSTALL THE GAME FOR A WHILE. Garry's Mod > Workshop > nolit47's Workshop > NOT INFECTED Glue Library This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. It is only visible to you. Me after seeing the glue library hack. (I uninstalled all the hacked addons, but I think I'm gonna take some time off from Gmod anyway, since that was genuinely traumatizing). Me after seeing the glue library hack. (I uninstalled all the hacked addons, but I think I'm gonna take some time off from Gmod anyway, since that was genuinely traumatizing) Discussion /img/wl1i0eo2da391.png.