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Verification I'm new to using a VPN with and I managed to register. But now in order to deposit money, it's asking for an address, country, zip code, etc. Essentially what's happening with Stake is that they've gotten too big (similar to Roobet) and are now being forced to crack down on VPN usage/KYC. I have over $10MM wagered on Stake, but given all of what's going on with Level 1/2 verifications, I decided to make the switch over to Duelbits. 2 déc. 2022 · It depends on the traffic, usually level 2 verification takes a few hours, if there is high traffic it can take up to 48-72 hours. All documents are reviewed by our compliance team. Level 2 verification is not required for level up bonuses mhronetz 1. 19 nov. 2022 · Stake Level 2 Verification Requirements You will need a few documents to verify yourself. But first, you must open an account. Next, you must prove your age, identity, and address. You can provide several documents for the process, like: Driving license Passport Government ID cards Utility bills Bank statements 3 Steps to Get Verified at Stake. Stake require level 2 verification. Platinum member. It's so funny that the casino known for being "VPN friendly" and not requiring KYCs is suddenly cracking down on VPNs and KYCing customers. 🙄. A representative from stake actually contacted me here saying they were VPN friendly and to play there few months back. 3 mai 2022 · Stakes recent email- “As Stake is a licensed online casino, we are required to conduct basic compliance checks. It is a very quick process and should take no longer than five minutes. Please ensure your level 2 verification is completed before September 9. *Level 2 verification is required as well. Weekly VIP and regular challenges - besides these, we also have in store weekly regular and VIP challenges which are posted every Monday at around 12pm UTC- if you are one of our VIP players, you may participate in both of these challenges, but in case you still haven't reached VIP status (don't worry, you will get there eventually), you may only take. Level 2 verification allows you to take advantage of additional bonuses such as chat rain and bonus codes. Verification at higher levels is usually done at the request of the casino. How long does verification take at Stake Casino? Level 1 verification usually takes players no more than a minute. It is mainly an anti money laundering measure. i.e. if you usually keep a balance around $500 in your account and suddenly deposit $1,000,000, Stake could freeze your account until you get verified since that amount seems out of the way for you and could be a tell that you are trying to launder crime money. [deleted] • 10 mo. ago. Not 10x 5-10% lvl 1 and 10-20% lvl 2 for forum promo bonuses 1 chicken-nuggget • 1 mo. ago There is no benefit on weekly and monthly with a 2 lvl verification, support told me earlier this week (previously there was a bonus on weekly but it got remove without being communicated to stake players) cmonnbruhh • 1 mo. ago yeah thats what I figured. 21 mars 2022 · Level 2 does nothing to help the casino, except removes a few hundred people they would have to mute, while sacrificing $200k plus in ev from the accounts that would have wagered if they were to be eligible. 1 janv. 2019 · Does anyone know how to signup for using a VPN/Proxy without having to submit level 2 verification/ID? Is level 2 verification always necessary to deposit? I was able to play for a couple months by just submitting an invalid picture, it would let me deposit and bet immediately, then 2 days later ask for ID again, rinse and repeat. I. 7 mars 2023 · There are 4 levels of verification at Stake, but luckily you only need to complete 2 to withdraw your funds immediately. This verification process will also help you retrieve your account in case of any issues such as hacks occurring. The 4 levels of verification are: Personal details Level 2: Proof of identity Level 3: Proof of Address. 28 avr. 2022 · STAKE is now level 2 verification to deposit!? Since when?? 🤨 . 1. 488crazy. @488crazy1 · 4h. Replying to @Stake @Drake. and @DrakeLondon_ huge. 12 mai 2023 · 2 factor authentication: Available. Stake has 3 levels of verification: Level 1: Name, date of birth and address. Level 2: Proof of identity (passport or driver’s license) Level 3: Source of funds and proof of address Stake says this is to stop bonus abuse and respect the privacy of the players. How to Verify STAKE Account | Bypass STAKE Account Verification | Level 1-4 KYC Brooker 230 subscribers Subscribe 252 20K views 5 months ago #stakecasino #stake #8441 Message me 24/7 in. 27 avr. 2023 · Go to Stake. 2. Click the blue ‘Register Instantly’ button in the middle or the blue ‘Register’ button in the top-right corner. 3. Type in your information. 4. Click the ‘Code (Optional)’. 5. Type in a promo code WINCRYPTO. 6. Click the green ‘Play Now’ button, and you’ll have a new account with the promo code active. Choose the coin you want to withdraw. Enter the destination address (the address to which you want to receive your funds) Input the desired amount you want to cash out. *(if 2fa is active) Input currently valid 2fa code. * ( if 2fa is not active) Input the code sent to your email. *In case you signed up via Gmail, Facebook, Twitch or Line: you. Stake blocking Withdrawal pending level 2 Verification. Just tried to cash out at stake. I’m unable to post the screen shot on this forum. This is what I was told when asking why all of a sudden my game play and withdrawals are blocked. 11 déc. 2021 · Please ensure your level 2 verification is completed before December 17th. You will still be able to play as per normal until this date, including depositing & withdrawing. You can verify your account here: We responsibly handle your information as if it is our own and do not share it with third. There are a few reasons why your withdrawal didn't reach your wallet and the most common one is an unconfirmed transaction. As you probably know, every transaction has to be confirmed before it is credited to a destination address. The number of confirmations needed depends from wallet to wallet. I’m vip at stake and we have seen countless emails offering a 10% addition to your monthly bonus if you submit level 1 verification. Level 1 being Residential address, name and date of birth. They specifically said it is not mandatory and any level 1 verification can easily be changed at a later date. I’m a USA player using a VPN. In order to lift your suspension you have to prove that you were not playing From a restricted country by submitting both level one and level two KYC. To do so please follow this link”. Https:// 2 déc. 2022 · How long does the lvl 2 verification take? Is it like a system that processes or do you have to wait until stake themselves process/review it. Will you have to have level 2 verification to get your VIP level up bonus ? I ask because someone in our Stake Facebook group was asking the same question.