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Lloyd had roles on The Andy Griffith Show, including her 1962 and 1965 portrayals of the eccentric character Lydia Crosswaithe. Lloyd was the fourth wife of puppeteer Bil Baird. They were married in 1974 and remained together until Baird's death in 1987. A look at the actress Josie Lloyd who played Lydia Crosswaithe on THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW! Where she came from and what happened to her!. Children. Portrayed by. Josie Lloyd. Lydia Crosswaithe is a pretty, but, demure young lady, who is the object of two blind dates in Mayberry. The first is a date with Sheriff Andy Taylor, the second with Goober Pyle. Her personality is one of being a "Debbie Downer". She was portrayed by Josie Lloyd . The Andy Griffith Show (TV Series 1960–1968) - Josie Lloyd as Josephine Pike, Juanita Pike, Lydia Crosswaith, Lydia Crosswaithe - IMDb. "The Andy Griffith Show" Barney Mends a Broken Heart (TV Episode 1962) Josie Lloyd as Lydia Crosswaithe. "The Andy Griffith Show" Goober and the Art of Love (TV Episode 1965) Josie Lloyd as Lydia Crosswaith. The Andy Griffith Show est une série télévisée américaine en 249 épisodes de 25 minutes en noir et blanc, créée par Arthur Stander et diffusée du 3 octobre 1960 au 1 er avril 1968 sur le réseau CBS. Barney Mends a Broken Heart: Directed by Bob Sweeney. With Andy Griffith, Ron Howard, Don Knotts, Frances Bavier. After Andy has an argument with Peggy, Barney tries to make things better by setting him up with another girl. The Andy Griffith Show, American television comedy series that aired on CBS from 1960 to 1968. During its entire run, the show rated no worse than seventh in the seasonal Nielsen ratings and held the number one spot when it ended. The Andy Griffith Show takes place in the fictitious Mayberry, North Carolina, a sleepy rural town. Named after its star, the show centres on Sheriff Andy Taylor. 28 juil. 2022 · Ron Howard (Opie Taylor) CBS, Andrea Raffin/Shutterstock. Without a doubt, the brightest and most recognizable remaining star of "The Andy Griffith Show" is Ron Howard, who played Andy's son Opie. 17 avr. 2023 · Lydia and Andy’s love connection wasn’t there, but it wasn’t the last fans saw of Lydia. She returned for a single episode in 1965. In the latter episode, Lydia went on a date with She. Josie Lloyd (Lydia Crosswaithe, Josephine/Juanita Pike) 1940-2020 - Sitcoms Online Message Boards - Forums The Andy Griffith Show (Sitcoms Online) / The Andy Griffith Show links and theme songs at Sitcoms Online / The Andy Griffith Show Photo Gallery / Mayberry R.F.D. Message Board. 17 août 2020 · Josie Lloyd, between 1961 and 1965, appeared in four episodes of The Andy Griffith Show: on two occasions in 1961 in the role of Mayor Pike’s daughter as both Josephine in “The Beauty Contest” and as Juanita in “Mayberry Goes Hollywood”; and in two other episodes in her most memorable role, Lydia Crosswaithe. The Andy Griffith Show (TV Series 1960–1968) Josie Lloyd as Josephine Pike, Juanita Pike, Lydia Crosswaith, Lydia Crosswaithe. Menu. Movies. Release Calendar Top 250 Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets M. Goober and the Art of Love: Directed by Alan Rafkin. With Andy Griffith, Ron Howard, Don Knotts, Aneta Corsaut. When Andy and Barney get tired of Goober tagging along on their dates, they decide to try teaching him how to act around women and then get him to ask a girl on a date. Andy Griffith est une véritable icône de la télévision américaine. Il a connu une carrière de plus de cinquante ans, se partageant entre le théâtre, la chanson, le cinéma et la télévision. L'acteur est surtout connu en France pour avoir incarné Matlock. Goober worked at Wally's Filling Station, which he eventually purchased and became the proprietor of, later in the show's run. His girlfriend in two sixth season color episodes was Flora Malherbe, but his initial love interest was Lydia Crosswaith, who was originally from Greensboro, North Carolina. [4]. With Andy Griffith, Ron Howard, Frances Bavier, Don Knotts. Widower Sheriff Andy Taylor, and his son Opie, live with Andy's Aunt Bee in Mayberry, North Carolina. With virtually no crimes to solve, most of Andy's time is spent philosophizing and calming down his cousin Deputy Barney Fife. The Andy Griffith Show (1960–1968) Full Cast & Crew See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro Series Directed by Series Writing Credits Series Cast verified as complete Series Produced by Series Music by Series Cinematography by Series Film Editing by Series Casting By Series Art Direction by Series Set Decoration by Series Costume Design by. The Life and Times of Sheriff Andy Taylor. lugonian 9 January 2004. THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW (CBS, 1960-1968) is not only Andy Griffith's first TV show, but his best. Griffith, who made his mark on Broadway, TV and screen adaptation of NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS, might have turned that into a weekly comedy series. The Andy Griffith Show (TV Series 1960–1968) - Release Info - IMDb. Edit. Nobody in Mayberry seems to know, least of all Otis, who shows up even more 'loaded' than the goat. At his high school class reunion, Andy finds that, while memories may fade over time, some connections are never completely broken, and some hearts never completely heal. The Andy Griffith Show (TV Series 1960–1968) Connections on IMDb: Referenced in, Featured in, Spoofed and more. The Andy Griffith Show The Cow Thief (Comedy, 10/29/1962, S3/E5, TV-G) The Andy Griffith Show Barney Mends a Broken Heart (Comedy, 11/05/1962, S3/E6, TV-G) The Andy Griffith Show Lawman Barney (Comedy, 11/12/1962, S3/E7, TV-G) The Andy Griffith Show The Loaded Goat (Comedy, 1/28/1963, S3/E18, TV-G) The Andy Griffith Show Class Reunion. Xfinity On Campus students sign in here Comcast Business customers sign in here Pay any balance without signing in Find your Xfinity ID Create a new Xfinity ID. Barney mends a broken heart John E. Saylor JOHN SAYLOR Thu, 15 Jun 2006 12:18:10 -0500 Now this may seem like a trivial triviality,but was anyone besides me really annoyed at the way Don kept talking with his mouth full when Andy went to pick up Peggy?. One Search. Ten Sites. We give you results from: Navigation. Home; TV DVDs. New Releases; Search All DVDs. In 1993, three boys (aged 10, 11, and 12) attacked a man dressed up as Barney at a Texas shopping mall. The show was then confirmed for another season. And even incurious Cleaver works out that the emotional rollercoasters of both Nicole and Barney are moving in sync. Miss Cleave already : ). On one occasion, Andy and Barney had to cancel their dates with their girlfriends Helen Crump and Thelma Lou respectively so they could work late at the courthouse, only to be interrupted by Skippy and Daphne. Andy and Barney innocently tried to escort the two back to Mt. Pilot so they could finish their work, but were spotted in the car with them by their girlfriends. To get back at them. - George Wallace The following is a list of characters of The Andy Griffith Show, an American sitcom television series, starring Andy Griffith. Known for portraying grimy, unlikeable villains, Martin was often referred to by the press as the The Andy Devine for the Age of Anxiety" and "A Gabby Hayes without Honor.". In one of the skits, Martin played the strict owner of a French language camp.